Kingo Wind offers repurposing and recycling of decomissioned wind turbines. From wind turbine dismantling to reuse of wind turbine components, Kingo Wind promises sustainable decommissioning procedures.

WTG disassembly


We make sure that the WTG disassembly partners we work with, disassemblies and places turbines on ground so that opportunities for reuse of components in 2nd life cycles are always safeguarded. “Safety first” is integrated into all site operation procedures. We never compromise the safety of our employees and partners.

Site restoration

Wind power site-restoration

With our legacy doing demolition works within the construction industry, we offer site restoration that complies with any customer requirements. With our modern machinery and very experienced employees we are efficient and precise. For decades we have been managing major demolition projects within the construction industry, so we know how to navigate de-construction sites.


Transportation of wind turbine blade

We partner with international logistics companies that guarantee professional transport of wind turbine components. Components are either brought to our own location for processing or directly to the location of the reuse solution.
For waste materials that are fit for recycling, we always partner with local waste management companies. This limits the need for transportation and the climate impact of end of life solutions.

Reuse of wind turbine components

Reusing Wind Turbine blades

At the beginning of any project, we evaluate optimal reuse solutions. We always aim for direct reuse of components, whereby repurposing is secured with minimal processing, energy consumption and low emissions. Where reuse is not feasible, we apply the most environmentally favorable recycling methods.

Innovating and building value chains

Building value chains within WTG decommissioning

We engage in various partnerships and technology development projects, all aiming to improve recycling methods for GFRP (fiberglass) materials. 

Life cycle assessments (LCA)

Lice Cycle Analysis (LCA) within wind power decommissioning

We are driven by data and sustainability, and we collect and analyze emissions data from all end of life solutions. We aim to always use LCA’s to support our primary reuse and recycling portfolio. By doing so we can advise repurposing methods best fit for any decommissioning project, as well as optimize our own processes and products to achieve reduced greenhouse gas emissions.